About Me

Alex Chen

I am an experienced financial expert with a comprehensive range of professional licenses, including CPA, mortgage, real estate, and insurance. My unwavering commitment to the financial industry revolves around empowering individuals and families to achieve Financial Independence and Early Retirement (F.I.R.E). The depth of my expertise forms the foundation for my dedication to empowering families to thrive financially.


Throughout my career as a CPA, financial advisor, educator, and lifelong learner, I have successfully assisted numerous families in developing robust financial plans that emphasize not only wealth management but also wealth enhancement. Rather than just being a consultant, I consider myself your ally in the pursuit of financial freedom by assisting you in preserving more of your hard-earned wealth.


Driven by a passion for strategic planning, growth, legacy building, and philanthropy; I am devoted to formulating comprehensive financial strategies that encompass more than mere accumulation of wealth. It is about creating enduring legacies that leave a lasting impact while promoting the virtue of generosity.


Let's embark on a journey together to realize a future where achieving financial freedom is not merely an aspiration but an attainable goal.